Sunday, March 19, 2006


The Dollar Store is a great place to shop. Chloe loves her snazzy purse and matching earrings and necklace. Daddy however thought she looked like a little old lady.

Here is Miss Chloe enjoying her new Dora Chair.
She actually sits in it and uses it to climb the ottoman.

I know I must have a hundred pictures of her sleeping... but she is just to cute.

Yum Yum Thanks for the Grub!

This was a VERY big week for food with Chloe. She had milk for the first time, and she is doing great with it. She had food ordered at a restaurant, and she had ice cream. We went to East side marios on Saturday night and she had the plain chicken with some bread and milk. And she fed herself for the most part. She did a great job. On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and for her a strawberry Sunday. She ate a few spoon fulls and then figured out that it was more fun to play in then to eat. Immediately following she ice cream she had a bath. Grampy will be glad to know that the trips to dairy queen with Chloe can now begin!

Visitors from Away

Nanny Clowater, Jody & Troy came to see us last weekend. We were so busy having fun I didn't get as many pictures as I should have. All and all I think everyone had a good time. We shopped, ate, Jody was sick... My cooking must have set her off, and we went to church. Jason and Troy were able to go shopping to there favorite locations: Home Depo, Future Shop, Sobers.. And so on. While we were able to go and do what we wanted. Shop at Old Navy and Walmart. And Nanny go to go to her favorite store, Island Furriers.

Grampy's Birthday

For Grampy's birthday we went out to eat and then back to our place for cake. Chloe loved the cake. We had to hold her back from smushing it.