Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Day....

Christmas morning and Miss Chloe slept until 9:00. Then she has her breakfast and we began the 3 hr process of opening gifts. Jason's Grandmother Mae was down from Summerside and my Mom and Dad came in first thing and spent the day. I think Chloe found gift opening to be some strange form of torture. She would open a toy and just be getting used to it and we would take it away and make her open something else.

After her lunch she had her Christmas nap.

And she had her first Christmas dinner. Sweet potatoes, squash, apple sauce and turkey. Her very first meat. Seconds after this picture was taken she threw up . She may be vegetarian like her Aunt Mandy.

Here we are post gifts and turkey.

And Dad and his lil'girl... Merry Christmas

Pre-Christmas Stuff

I know it's been a while since I have posted anything. I think it's because I have been taking so many pictures and eating so much. But the time has come to release all the great pics of our girl Chloe during her first Christmas.

This is Chloe seeing Santa for the first time at the Confederation Court Mall. She didn't cry or smile for that matter, she was just sorta in awe.

Chloe's Cousin Jacob is seeing just how sweet Chloe really is. This was taken at Jason's Family Christmas party.

This is Chloe and her second cousin Jacob. Jacob is exactly a month older then Chloe. He is very cute and a pro at crawling. He moves faster then some people walk. I think he may have taught Chloe to clap too. She would always clap with her fists closed.. and since seeing Jacob she's been clap'n up a storm.

The week before Christmas we went to Fredericton to see my family. She opened a bunch of gifts and one of her favorites was the bag it came in.

This is Chloe in her style'n leopard print shirt that her Nanny got her.

Her great uncle Blaine is telling her that he can't wait until summer so that he can chuck her in a pond at Rainbow Valley like he did to her Mum when she was her age. He said it was an "accident".

And here is the Chlo-bear and her Aunt Jody. I think she shops more for Chloe then anyone I know. Thank God for good deals state side.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday Greetings

Look Ma, No Hands...

It's Official, As of December 5th we have a walk'n baby. This is moments after her first steps. By the time we got the video camera out she was done for the night. So far her record amount of consecutive steps are 14.

Nanny and Chloe are ready for Christmas any time now

Are these apples that make the yummy apple sauce..?

This is the snazzy new outfit that Grampy pick out for Chloe all by himself. Good Job Grampy.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Standing Ovation

For almost a month or so now she has been standing on her own. She now stands for as long and she wants to or until she wants to go some where .. then she crawls! Soon.. it'll happen soon.

This was just taken first thing one morning. She is normally in better humor then I am first thing in the morning.

This one was just cute because she has the two flips of hair going... so stylish.

First Movie & Parade

"This is my new buddy Johnny."

This was taken post movie. I think she liked it. She danced and clapped for most of the music until she just got played out half way through. So she slept and woke up refreshed by the end of the show. All and all she was great.

This one was taken as we watched the Santa Clause parade. We only made it halfway through because her poor little face was getting cold and the majority of the floats were fire trucks. So we'll be posting Santa pics later once we go see him at the mall.

Chloe Portraits @ 9 Months

She is such a great poser.
These pics may or may not be used for upcoming Christmas cards. We'll see.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


She was so good with her costume. I was expecting a lot of fussing with the hat but she did great. We made a tour of Jason's work, my office, and Beach Grove (My Mom's work) in the afternoon. Then in the evening we went to Jason's aunts and my parents place. By the end of the night she was passed out and slept through the night no problem.
We took these pictures down by the water at Beach Grove.


Chloe's Grandma and I went to Victoria Part for her fall photo shoot.
I love the way they turned out. She is such a poser!

Happy 8 Months Birthday!

Mum Mum's R'the Best

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lapsit Class

Here is Chloe's first official class photo.
This is the group of Mom's and babies that meet at the library once a week.


Just so you can get an idea as to how fast she's growing.
The first picture was taken when she was just one month old and
the second one was just a few weeks ago.

Formosa Friends

Chloe & Muenie

Margo & Chloe & Sobia

Chloe and I spent a lot of time at Formosa this summer. No complaints here.

Can you see the Resemblance?

This was taken when Jody and Nanny came for a visit this summer.

Who Spiked My Milk?


Demonstrating two of her many talents, standing and waving.

She Bangs! (I am sad...)

Aunt Jody will be proud.
Her hair is filling in so much that hair clips can be used.
They are not necessary but still they can be used.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Yummy Crib!

It's official, we have a toddler.
In the last few weeks she's learned how to crawl using
both arms and legs (instead of just the arms), sit up from lying down,
and she can now stand up in her crib. My baby is growing up...sniff sniff.

Can you hear me now?

One of her favorite toys these days.
She kept on taking the remotes and the real phone so she got her own.

Great Grampy Beaton & Farmer Chloe

Is the hat to big, or is my head to small?


We finally got around to getting her hand print.
It was far more difficult to get a good print then you would think.
It took a good 4 or 5 tries. She kept wanting to squish the clay.

Pre-Needle Photos

She did well with the needle. No fuss, except when they weighed her.
That seemed to bug her the most. She's 19 lbs 2ozs and 28.5 inches long.

Happy 7 Month Birthday