Thursday, December 01, 2005

Standing Ovation

For almost a month or so now she has been standing on her own. She now stands for as long and she wants to or until she wants to go some where .. then she crawls! Soon.. it'll happen soon.

This was just taken first thing one morning. She is normally in better humor then I am first thing in the morning.

This one was just cute because she has the two flips of hair going... so stylish.

First Movie & Parade

"This is my new buddy Johnny."

This was taken post movie. I think she liked it. She danced and clapped for most of the music until she just got played out half way through. So she slept and woke up refreshed by the end of the show. All and all she was great.

This one was taken as we watched the Santa Clause parade. We only made it halfway through because her poor little face was getting cold and the majority of the floats were fire trucks. So we'll be posting Santa pics later once we go see him at the mall.

Chloe Portraits @ 9 Months

She is such a great poser.
These pics may or may not be used for upcoming Christmas cards. We'll see.