Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lapsit Class

Here is Chloe's first official class photo.
This is the group of Mom's and babies that meet at the library once a week.


Just so you can get an idea as to how fast she's growing.
The first picture was taken when she was just one month old and
the second one was just a few weeks ago.

Formosa Friends

Chloe & Muenie

Margo & Chloe & Sobia

Chloe and I spent a lot of time at Formosa this summer. No complaints here.

Can you see the Resemblance?

This was taken when Jody and Nanny came for a visit this summer.

Who Spiked My Milk?


Demonstrating two of her many talents, standing and waving.

She Bangs! (I am sad...)

Aunt Jody will be proud.
Her hair is filling in so much that hair clips can be used.
They are not necessary but still they can be used.