Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mommy & Me Diaper Fit Swim Class

First trip to the pool at UPEI. She loves the water.
She loved chewing the face of the rubber duckie the most.

Nanny & Grampy Clowater

Here are the VERY proud grandparents on the day after she was born and just this week.

Snazzy hair clip

My Mom did this to me ...

Just a Swingin'

Went for a swing in the park across the road from our house.
She is very stylish in her raspberry beret.

Forward Crawler!

She has graduated from the lobster backwards crawl. She can now wiggle herself forward and loves to stick her bum in the air just balancing on her fingers and toes.

First Library trip!

We started a new program at the library. It's great to see her with other kids her age. This week she sat up from a crawling position. She did it once and hasn't figured it out since. But I know she did it because she saw another little girl do it ;0)