Sunday, September 18, 2005


I know we don't look very happy here but we were. This is at my Nanny Clowater's 65th Birthday Party. Our first picture of all 5 generations together.
This was taken at the baby shower that Jason's Grandmother had for Chloe.
She was just over a month old.

This is Chloe's Great Nanny Beaton, Nanny Clowater, and her Mom


She may hate me for this... but I had to do it.

Sweet Potatoes !!!???

The first bite of sweet potato. She liked it but at this point she just wasn't sure.


I had to wait for a windy day to test this hat out. I love it.. and Chloe giggles every time we put it on her. I think she likes the Faux fur lining.
One of her favorite new games is peek-a-boo a-la hat

Happy 6th Anniversary

This was back on August 21st, our 6th Anniversary. We went out to East Side Mario's for eats.